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One Great Night on Earth

11 bloody-sexy photos of curvy Amber Rose in ravish-in red

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Red says danger, but Red may also mean HOT and that is exactly what Amber Rose is.

A hot woman is hot, a beautiful woman is beautiful and a naughty woman is naughty.

Now, put all those three women in one body and then put that body in a nicely cut red dress (or dresses) and you have yourself a dangerously irresistible woman…


After her stints with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, the 31-year-old of one child is still one of the hottest, a curve-queen with some an eye poking pair of breasts and dangerously voluptuous behind.

Though she is an American hip hop model, hip hop artist, fashion designer and actress, most of us will remember her as that blonde, beautifully curved American woman with some really huge boobs and an even heavier backside.

Her outrageously revealing dresses and quick to flash-skin attitude have given us ample views of her backside, upside, frontside and downside.

No matter the angle, Amber is sexy.

Now, in a red dress, she is a red, hot and dangerous bombshel

Lingerie Can Help Make Wedding Dress Look Perfect

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much time, effort — and money! — go into beautiful, frothy dresses. Just as important, though, is what goes underneath. Here are a few suggestions about where to shop for lingerie for the bride and her bridesmaids as well.
Aerie in Westfarms mall sells a few must-have items for the up-to-date (and budget-conscious) bride. Assistant store manager Morgan Vadnais assists brides frequently. “They flock to our vintage lace undies in white or pale blue, which are included in our buy seven for $26.50 sale. Perfect for the honeymoon, too! Another popular item is our backless bras with sticky cups to wear under a wedding dress.” Available in nude lace, plain nude, black or black lace, these are priced at $35.

Contessa Shop in West Hartford Center has been in business for 57 years. With personalized customer service, it is an excellent option for a bride who needs a little help figuring out the necessary undergarments for her big day. One item called the invisible torsolette — essentially a longer corset — is constructed with light boning to slim and cinch the waist and curve the hips. Owner Maria Colasacco says “brides are buying white lacy corsets, strapless, long ones with garters or shorter styles. The brands we carry are Carnival or Goddess. Also the pretty, cheeky boyshort in white lace for $25 is perfect for a wedding day.” Contessa Shop also carries lace garters, small white satin handbags and lace handkerchiefs.
Owner Christine Dimaio took over Irene’s Lingerie Shop in Plainville from her mother, so she knows a thing or two about unmentionables. Dimaio says, “A lot of brides are wearing strapless bustiers, so it’s important to have the perfect size.” With a chuckle, she also notes “the girls want to be pushed up.” Irene’s also offers garter belts, shapewear and girdles so those in the wedding party have the best fit for their dresses. One trend noted by Dimaio is the return to the white or ivory two-piece peignoir set. “But the girls also want something sexy for their honeymoon: A black lacey Mystique-brand chemise works.”

In Hamden, Lady Olga’s Lingerie is the place to be fitted for correctly sized bras and bustiers for your wedding day. Owner Jeniene Furgson says: “Brides come to us for the proper undergarments, strapless bras, Spanx or torsolettes so the bride can dance and be comfortable and not pulling on her dress or lingerie the whole time. We also sell initimate apparel, short and long peignoir sets too. Another popular item is a PJ boxer set with matching short-sleeve top that says Mrs. or bride on it, selling for $55. We also sell a silk charmeuse little wrap in white, decorated with Swarovski crystals.” In addition to brides, Furgson says mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and even mothers of the groom come in to shop. “We fit the whole wedding party.”

Lulu’s Boutique in Guilford offers a bride and her bridesmaids a personal shopper’s touch. “Brides come in for our Hanky Panky-brand, cream-colored underwear that says I do, or bridesmaid or maid of honor in Swarovski crystals,” says manager Michele Platt. “Also popular are chemise nightgowns with matching robes in short or long, available in white, cream, black and colors. We also carry bridal robes and wraps that say bride or bridesmaid for the girls to wear when they are getting their hair done.”

Toronto Fashion Week: Narces brings playful prints to evening wear

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Narces brought the party to the runway with a new collection punctuated by playful patterns, cute cocktail dresses and fanciful frocks.

“There’s always an undertone of not so serious, have fun with your eveningwear, enjoy what you’re wearing,” designer Nikki Wirthensohn said backstage at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week on Tuesday.

“This was kind of the height of being whimsical and … bringing out the sense of humour, I guess, in how you can dress.”


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Entrepreneur Hayat Rachi has said that her Neon Moon lingerie range empowers women “through body positivity and the non-objectification of women”, creating a product that “fits to women’s bodies, rather than the other way around”.

“I always wondered – if lingerie didn’t have the sexualised context from the moment we are given our first bra, would it help girls pursue more in life? Not everything is about looking sexy, or fulfilling the male gaze,” says Rachi.

“Women’s bodies are changing all the time. External factors such as diet, stress and menstrual cycle can make women’s bodies fluctuate.”

The campaign for the lingerie brand is also very different to what women are used to seeing, with the models asked to refrain from removing any body hair or grooming for a week before the shoot.

According to the Huffington Post, all images for the range have also been released without the use of Photoshop.

“Girls should not have to question why they look a certain way or feel that they have to conform to society’s pressures. It’s important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of ‘beauty’. Rather, they need to reclaim the right to their bodies and decide how it should look for them and not for others,” she said.

“I wanted to show what a real woman looks like. They have pubic hair, stretch marks, cellulite and acne, it’s important to show that.”

They are a staple this season, but can they work in real life?

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For an industry that is ostensibly concerned with clothing the body, there’s a surprising amount of nudity in fashion. A hint of nipple here, a buttock bared there, is all part and parcel of attending most fashion shows, and the flesh flashing only increases when it comes to the spring/summer collections.

Catwalk collections are there to make an impact, to showcase the extreme version of a designer’s ideas. These are often modified for modesty by the time they are translated  into the commercial versions that end up in store. Still, sheer fabrics abound this season, but can you incorporate them into real life without being arrested for indecent exposure, or falling foul of your company’s dress code?

“This trend can work in everyday life,” says Lauren Thurston, a specialist lingerie and swimwear site. “The key is adapting it to suit your lifestyle. You could wear a body under a sheer blouse to provide more coverage for work. Invisible lingerie allows the clothes to do the talking, while bright colours and neon make a feature out of your underwear for a night out. We wouldn’t recommend going for a sheer bra under a see-through top though.”

Kelly Dunmore, a lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller, agrees: “There’s a sliding scale to this trend, but the key thing to bear in mind is that your lingerie needs to complement the overall look not distract from it. Lingerie decisions need to look intentional – whether this is choosing a style and colour that works harmoniously or intentionally contrasts.” As Rigby & Peller is blessed with a Royal Warrant, one wonders if the Queen takes such sage advice to heart.

Regardless of style, fit is the most important factor when choosing underwear – diaphanous fabrics are often also clingy or tight, adding an extra element of exposure. “Well-fitting lingerie is an absolute must-have with this trend, regardless of size or whether you’re going for subtle or sexy,” instructs Dunmore. “Well-fitted pieces will not only help achieve the perfect silhouette, but ensure that layering stays in place and that lines remain clean and minimal. This is especially true with strapless or bandeau pieces, which can slip out of place and give you overspill, whatever your size.”

Hair and makeup trends at Vancouver Fashion Week

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Clothing trends for fall 2015 weren’t the only things drawing fashionistas to the tents at Vancouver Fashion Week. Models’ hair and makeup also had the city’s style-savvy crowd buzzing.

Before the event closes on Sunday, March 22, Metro reporter Thandi Fletcher sat down with lead hair stylist Chris Funk and lead makeup artist Yasmin Morshedian backstage for a full rundown of what’s in for the season.

What are some new trends that are emerging for hair this fall?

Funk: We’ve definitely been seeing a lot of the vintage looks, whether that be with finger waves, victory rolls and some French twists. It’s a modern twist on classic looks—kind of deconstructed and just a little bit messy. That’s the thing with hair trends right now—nothing is perfect. Nobody really wants perfect hair. I feel like we’ve kind of been there and done that, so now the challenge is to create the disheveled, more natural look that is seemingly effortless.

What about hair-colour trends?

Funk: Colour is very much going in the same direction—very natural and sun-kissed, lots of caramels and it’s very natural. Nothing is overdone. The dipped-ends trend is kind of on its way out. Ombre is still in. It’s a very versatile colour—you can make it extreme or subtle. You can add balayage on top. The look is lighter on the ends. It looks like it might have just been from the beach, but nobody knows.

What about makeup trends? Are we seeing new looks for fall?

Morshedian: We have a lot of natural fresh looks going on, but I think what makes it really fall is that deeper, darker burgundy lip going on.

With the dark lip as the focal point, how can people prep their lips before applying colour?

Morshedian: If they have dry skin, it’s good to always put a primer on before. If they want to get the true colour of the lipstick, sometimes it’s nice to put a little concealer on. Just a tiny bit as a base.

How do you come up with these looks for each designer?

Morshedian: It’s a collaboration of ideas together. Sometimes designers already have a really straight vision and they know exactly what they want, even in terms of makeup and hair. I just follow what they ask me to do and make sure they get that exactly look

American Apparel starts airbrushing out pubic hair and nipples from lingerie models

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American Apparel is trying to nip their dirty reputation in the bud.

The clothing company long been known for their racy ads featuring what critics have said are underage looking girls in barely-there outfits with their nipples and even pubic hair in full view.

In an attempt to distance themselves from their ousted ‘sex-obsessed’ former CEO Dov Charney and their infamous adverts, the company this week has begun photoshopping out some of the models’ exposed nipples and body hair making them look more like plastic mannequins.

Animal reports that the changes can be seen on the company’s lingerie page in the ‘new’ section and a brunette model in translucent lingerie who once had more showing on Thursday was edited to be much less exposed.

Scroll down for video 

No nipple!: This American Apparel model in a translucent black bodysuit has a belly button but as of Thursday her nipples have been air brushed off in  what may be the company’s attempt to re-brand their image

Charney’s replacement CEO Paula Schneider has said she is attempting to make the brand ‘relevant to millennials’ without it bordering on ‘pornographic.’

‘This is an edgy brand and it’s always going to be an edgy brand, and it’s about social commentary, it’s about gay rights, and it’s about immigration reform. It’s about the things millennials care about,’ Schneider told The New York Times in January.

While many may welcome the company’s attempt to shave away their previous image, some activists think showing nipple is perfectly fine and empowers women in what otherwise may be a mannequin’s world.

Michelle Lytle, co-founder of the nipple printed bikini line TaTa Top thinks that by censoring women and making them look like mannequins or dolls, the company is actually taking power away from women who should not feel ashamed of their bodies.

Lytle told Animal that American Apparel has tried to reach out to diverse audiences by coming out with t-shirts that say ‘legalize gay’ and ‘legalize LA’ but have very little to comment on women’s equality.

‘To see them taking a strong stance on those issues but not on women’s equality is disappointing,’ said Lytle who runs the feminist clothing line with her partner Robyn.

‘This is a company that is clearly trying to distance themselves from their founder,’ she continued.

Nip no nip: The model on the left in see through white lingerie once had her nipples and pubic hair in full display more like the model in the back lingerie on the right

‘It’s kind of laughable for them to think that removing nipples from their images of their sheer lingerie is the best way to do this considering their questionable ad choices in recent years. This is a step in the wrong direction and is contributing to the sexualisation of a woman’s body at a time where there is a large and growing movement for equality.’

The clothing company has a tab on their website dedicated to political activism and they offer a stance on gay rights and immigration reform.

‘As a company, we have certain resources that individual activists do not. We try to use that special ability to support political causes that need help. American Apparel regularly uses its billboards, advertisements, press contacts and even printed t-shirts to speak out about important issues. Our two biggest issues have been Immigration Reform and Gay Rights,’ says their website.

The company’s female CEO has yet to comment on women’s sexuality and empowerment and the company’s choice to airbrush out nipples and pubic hair.

It may be that the company needs to focus their opinion on the difference between what sexusualises women and what censors them if there is a difference at all.

Will American Apparel decide to free the nipple along with their old image?


Men not buying what celebrities in their undies are selling

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In January, Justin Bieber appeared in a Calvin Klein underwear ad. It was the latest in a long line of underwear ads that sexualizeand objectify men.

The ad that started it all in 1991 featured  Mark Wahlberg — then known as Marky Mark — in his underwear with a similarly-attired female model.

Calvin Klein almost single-handedly transformed men’s underwear from a basic into a fashion item through the use of high-end photography, celebrity models and blatant sexuality.

Soon, almost all underwear brands were running the same kind of sexy ads.

In this 2010 Armani ad, soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo wanders around his hotel room in his underwear, clearly looking for something. A female housekeeper pretends to be oblivious, but when she finds the T-shirt he’s looking for, she secretly keeps it as a souvenir.

Now jump ahead to 2015 and we discover Bieber in his underwear.

Unfortunately, Justin’s dream was tarnished somewhat by persistent rumours that his anatomy required digital enhancement for the ads.

When Ad Age reported that some of Jon Hamm’s Mad Men footage required Photoshopping for the opposite problem, both Jockey and Fruit of the Loom courted him as a model, so far unsuccessfully.

But it turns out that sexily posed, impossibly beautiful men with bulging underwear are starting to make male consumers uncomfortable. So now some underwear ads are moving in a new direction

5 types of lingerie that will turn your man on

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According to sex experts, creativity is one of the ingredients that keeps things spicy hot in the bedroom.

You may know all the dirty tricks and stuff, but how do you pique your man’s interest in sex? One of the subtle ways to do this is by wearing sexy lingeries that will pass the message across to him, nice and clear.

Check out these hot underwear you should be rocking if you want to turn your man on:

  1. The sophisticated look: Does your man go crazy when he sees you dressed up in an elegant, swanky number? Lingerie doesn’t always have to be super-revealing (it’s all coming off eventually anyway!). Translate his preference for classy eveningwear into the bedroom by wrapping yourself up in a peignoir – a long, silky gown – plus a matching robe. Top it off with some lacy stilettos, and strut your stuff over to the bed like the class act you are.

  2. The girly look: If you’ve got a playful, bubbly personality, and your partner loves nothing more than to bring out that side of you, then he would probably love to see you in some flirty, girly lingerie. Try on a lace baby doll – which actually does wonders for your body; it’s just so flowy and forgiving. And if you wear a super-short baby doll, you can show off those sexy legs of yours – perhaps in a cute pair of peep-toe pumps!

  3. The role-playing look: If you’ve ever role-played together – and loved every minute of it – then odds are your man would like to see you dressed up in some novelty lingerie. And please, not the kitschy kind. Instead, go for one of the tried-and-true male fantasies, like a DIY schoolgirl look (it’s a winner every time). The schoolgirl look is easily accomplished by donning a way-short plaid skirt (this one isn’t making it past the principal’s office!), a tight white button-down tied off to show your midriff, white cotton knee-highs and a pair of Mary Jane-style heels. You’ll enjoy detention more than you ever thought possible.

  4. The sporty look: Does your man like seeing you in his button-down work shirt? Then he may be turned on by the sporty look. Try this on: A pair of cotton or lace boy shorts (bonus points for a kitschy phrase on the back – or his name!) and a white men’s tank-top undershirt. Add knee-high athletic socks – you know, the ones with the stripes on top – and a pair of sneakers. Top it off with some pigtails and you’re bound to hit a home run tonight.

  5. The vampy look: If your spouse likes things super-hot in the bedroom, indulge his erotic side by dressing up like the sexpot you are! Your best bet: Pull on a formfitting teddy or a corset-and-G-string combo (lacy or satin, it’s up to you), and kick up the seduction factor with – you guessed it – some thigh-high stockings and a pair of garters that he won’t be able to resist. Don’t skimp on the shoes; this look requires a 4-inch heel at least. Trust us, you won’t be walking in them much.

Model Erin Heatherton shows off her taut tum and toned legs

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Her blonde locks were styled into beachy waves and her natural beauty was left to shine through as she simply wore black mascara and a light sprinkling of bronzer.

Erin is backing Lascana’s competition to find a ‘cool man’ to star in the next Lascana commercial, with the prize also including a Yamaha XV950R motorbike.

The public can vote for their favourites to make the Top 100 before the contestants are narrowed down to 10 finalists who will have to impress the all-female jury at Lascana’s ‘Girls’ Night Out Party’ in Hamburg in June.

Erin – who has posed for the likes of Diane von Furstenberg – first jumped into modelling at the age of 17, and insists she’s learned to find self-confidence outside of her breath-taking appearance.

‘I’m not perfect. I never identified with the way I look; I was just born this way. I don’t feel rejection if I’m not the right person for a job, because that’s not where I find my self-worth. I’m a beautiful person, and that’s not because of my modelling career,’ Erin told Ocean Drive.

In a recent interview with People, the model revealed how she maintains her amazing figure.

The blonde beauty admitted: ‘My body is very athletic, so the exercises that really help my body are things that are lengthening.

‘I’ve been doing Ballet Beautiful since 2013, and I’m still in the falling-in-love stage. It re-taught me how to stand, and a different way to hold my weight, so it helps me move as a model as well.’

She added that she also does yoga, Pilates and cardio on the treadmill, but also makes sure to take time off to rest.

Erin advised: ‘Your ligaments can only heal through rest, and you have to rest if you want to see the results of all your hard work’.

She continued: ‘I always eat healthy because you don’t want to dig yourself in a hole. The best diet is to focus on what you should be eating, and knowing how the foods you’re eating are helping you be healthier and look more beautiful.