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One Great Night on Earth

Valentine’s Lingerie Collection

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Valentine’s Day is a festival which is popular for lovers all over the world. To celebrate the special festival,, the fashion retailer, unveils its latest lookbook, a collection of lingerie for lovers. Like all of Fecbek’s clothing, the affordable prices are accessible to women on any budget. The big discount on this collection is up to 50% off. Besides, anyone who places an order on from 12th, Jan.2015 to 14th, Feb.2015 will have the chance to win the order for free.

Lingerie is the necessary item for lovers to a romantic evening together. The items in the collection are suitable for lovers to spend a romantic night. Different from shoes, dresses and bags, Lingerie is a way of flirtation with the most complete display of enchantment and sex appeal. It will give each a big surprise on the special night.

The new arrivals at Fecbek are characterized by fashion, enthusiasm, ebullience and functionality. All the items can satisfy women’s need of accentuating the slim line. They give lift to the feminine charms. What designers want to express is the love for the special lovers who pursue perfect sexiness and the sense of mystery.

Fecbek offers different styles of bustier, pajamas, teddies and bra sets. Fecbek has a keen eye for detail .Designers work thoroughly, producing the most wearable lingerie in the most beautiful fabrics. For example, a sexy bra with elements of the empire line, the wrinkle and the embroidering show a unique feeling of sexy. Besides, the of drawstring which is easy to unhook makes one look charming on the special night. Butterfly buttons and frilled decorations are the cynosure of his eyes. The silk pajamas are the combination of the fashion style and the classical style. The hot body appears indistinctly with the translucent black. He will not resist the seduction of a flawless complexion under the voile.

Is This The Beginning Of A Body Revolution?

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Ashley Graham modelling her exclusive lingerie collection for

‘I’m here to shatter the boundaries that fashion often sets,’ Ashley Graham begins our interview. ‘I’ll flash you again if you want.’

She’s not kidding on either count. Just this week Ashely Graham hit out over the depiction of Jennifer Lawrence as a ‘curvy role model’ – she said ‘Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves – but she’s still tiny’ – and a few moments earlier, amid the decadence of the upmarket Covent Garden Hotel, she flashed me. ‘Should I take my pants off too?’ she asks, later. Her confidence is so contagious that I feel half tempted to get mine out too.

We’re chatting boobs – big boobs. Ashley, who hails from Lincoln, Nebraska in the US, and has appeared on the cover of US ELLE, Vogue and an array of other coveted glossies  as part of her diverse career (she started modelling at 12) and has risen to be one of the most prominent plus-size models of her time. More recently she’s launched a plus-size lingerie range for which promises to do the undoable – provide supportand sex.

‘First of all it should be about the support,’ Ashley says, ‘but then it should be about the sexy.’ And I have to say I agree. Anyone whose size runs beyond the conventional knows that these two things are all too often mutually exclusive when it comes to underwear – yet probably equally uncomfortable.

Ashely Graham for Navabi

‘I created the line because I wanted to get all of that in one bra. It’s really hard to find a well-constructed bra with beautiful touches. The line is very luxurious – there’s lots of lace.’

It’s modelled by Ashley (and I can tell you first hand that she wears it day-to-day, too). It’s already created a storm in Canada and North America, and launched in Europe in November. In March, it will extend from its current range of 36DD to 44E, up to 44G and H.

But when she’s not designing lingerie, Ashley, whose motto is ‘sexy is a state of mind’ is starting what she calls a ‘Body Revolution’. As co-founder of Alda, a group which talks about body image and aims to be relatable to all women, she goes into schools to talk about body issues and acceptance, and is even working with the UN on a panel project which she can’t yet disclose.

‘There is a body revolution that’s happening where women are slowly taking ownership of their bodies,’ she explains. ‘There’s a great conversation happening where women are saying simply, “I don’t care anymore”.

‘It’s a confidence that’s coming back to women who are saying “this is who I am and you need to accept it”. It’s powerful.’

I have to say, I’m convinced. You?

Miley Cyrus Wonders What Happened to Hannah Montana Until She Busts Out the Push-Up Bra!

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Miley Cyrus, Instagram

Long before twerking, tongue wagging and a guy named Patrick Schwarzenegger became a part of Miley Cyrus‘ life, the talented singer was just a young teenage girl acting on the Disney Channel.

While so much has changed for the “Party in the U.S.A.” crooner, fans may wonder if we can just go back to the Hannah Montana days.

As it turns out, Cyrus may wonder the same thing. “Who the? What the,” the 22-year-old singercaptioned on Instagram Wednesday night with a hilarious throwback picture.

While her first photo showcased the Disney star with long locks from years ago, the next photo showed a present-day Cyrus with her signature pixie and far less glamorous clothing. In fact, she’s actually pretty covered up.

Miley Cyrus, Instagram

But wait, we are talking about the Miley Cyrus, right?

Less than an hour later, Billy Ray Cyrus‘ daughter posted quite the provocative photo with her boobs out and proud.


Mike & Mike Halloween Costumes

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Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike

Mike and Mike

“Mike & Mike” broadcast live from Gillette Stadium on Halloween 2014 ahead of Broncos-Patriots. Dressed as New England’s Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the guys welcomed Belichick on set.

NEWS/ How Katie Cassidy Helped Create the Black Canary’s “Sexy but Smart” New Look on Arrow

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Can I just tell you how excited I am?”
It’s been a long journey for Katie Cassidy to don the Black Canary suit on Arrow, which she will finally do in tonight’s midseason premiere after a three-year wait. “I was definitely disappointed, because it was something that I was really looking forward to,” Cassidy says of learning it would take Laurel a bit of time to become the Black Canary.
But she also totally agreed with the reason why the producers have held off. “I think it makes complete sense. You can’t just overnight become a superhero. It took Oliver five years on the Island and everything he went through.”
But now, after hitting “rock bottom” in season two and the death of her sister Sara (Caity Lotz), the Canary, Laurel is ready to take over the responsibilities that come with the black leather jacket. Except she’ll be doing it with a new costume, which was unveiled back in November, prompting a fandom freakout.
Cassidy, who has her own fashion blog, Tomboy KC, tells E! News how she helped to create the Black Canary’s look.
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“It was so cool. I love the creative process. Not just being an actor and here is the dialogue and saying the lines,” Cassidy says of working with the wardrobe department. “I like collaborating with people and having an opinion and getting to put my touch on it. So when it came to the costume, I suggested a couple of things. I give credit to our insanely talented hair (Paul Edward) makeup, (Danielle Fowler) and wardrobe (Maya Mani) team for creating the look. I just made a few suggestions.”
Some of her tweaks? Some lace and fishnet (“Because the Black Canary wore fishnets,” Cassidy explains) fabric added throughout the costume, including the bodysuit underneath the jacket and the fingerless gloves.
“So it’s a bit more feminine, because the suit itself it’s sexy, but it is a bit modern. And I love it. That’s what I wanted,” she tells us. “So I was like, Let’s see where we can put a little bit of feminine touches. Because it’s a very strong suit, how can we make this a little bit more feminine?”
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Katie Cassidy, Black Canary, Arrow
The CW
And Cassidy reveals she was even more involved when it came to the Black Canary’s hair and make-up. Arrow tested out five looks, the first of which “they let me do whatever I wanted.
I wanted a dark red lip and dark red nail color. I like the fact that it’s dark; I also think it’s more feminine. And I want the nail to match the lip,” she says, adding that she asked them not to black out her eyes, which almost all of the other heroes on the show do.
As for Laurel’s sleeker, platinum blonde wig, Cassidy explains, “I begged them, ‘Please don’t make me wear a curly blonde wig.’ Because the Canary had that and I just wanted Laurel to be more sharp and modern. Sexy, but smart. Just strong.”
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And while the producers originally didn’t go for her preferred look, Cassidy says, “We went in and pled our case, and were like, ‘Look, it’s a masculine outfit. This face and hair make it a bit more feminine.’ It’s pretty, I thought it looked the best. So Marc [Guggenheim], Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg [Berlanti] decided to go with it, which was great.”
As for the other essential part of the Black Canary’s overall look, the infamous “Canary Cry,” Cassidy teases Laurel definitely has one, but “what form it comes out in, I’m not going to say.”

The Lingerie Addict: Lingerie for Who You Are

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Falke Spring/Summer 2009 Collection Category: luxury, news. 5 comments. Posted 2176 days ago I know Wolford tends to get all the press, but there are some other luxury hosiery brands coming out with some really spectacular designs this season. Falke is a European mainstay, and I think their new designs hit the right balance of trendy and timeless. A few of my favorites from this season…First are the Bardot tights. Layering knee highs over tights has been a popular look for a few seasons now, but Falke takes it to another level with these knee high illusion tights. Sheer, 15 denier with a “golden, shimmering effect,” these tights have a textured floral and spotted pattern starting at the toe and continuing to just beneath the knee. The pattern ends in a solid ring of flowers, further contributing to the illusion. Only available in the color shown (powder/black) and in sizes S/M and M/L, the Bardot tights retail for $45.00.Next up are the Birkin tights. Once again, Falke plays with trends and illusions as these have the “appearance of hold ups with ribbon ties around your thighs.” The leg is opaque 60 denier while the thigh portion is 15 denier up to the hip where it again changes into a 60 denier with the shape of a thong panty. Only available in the color black and sizes S/M and M/L, these tights retail for $45.00.Finally, let’s take a look at the Bennett tights. I like these tights because they play with a lot of different trends: texture, polka dots, attached panties, flowers, etc. However, it’s done in a way that makes the Bennett tights a cohesive, beautiful whole. These are 15 denier and the textured polka dot pattern runs from the toe to the thigh ending in a lace floral band (just like hold ups!) before turning into a 30 denier boxer brief. Available in the color black only and sizes S/M and M/L, these tights also retail for $45.00.Though all these tights are out of my price range, if this a preview of the new season, I can’t wait to see what other designers, specifically the ones specializing in budget ranges (Jonathon Aston, anyone?) will come out with

Baby carriers, bras and more gear just for plus-sized moms

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Every pregnancy is different, but most pregnant ladies need the same stuff: clothing to cover their growing bodies, a bra that makes it easier to nurse a new baby, a safe and comfy way to carry babies around.

But as People of Size have no doubt already discovered, sometimes it feels like product manufacturers assume that every mom is average-sized. Hey, we offer it in small, medium and large, what else could you ask for? Well, stuff that fits us if we happen to range out of a size 14 or 16, specifically.

By the way? You should know that I don’t consider the following woman plus size.


None of the women pictured here are, sigh, nor are there bigger bodies in the slide show. I do apologize — I am not a photographer and PR photos of bigger bodies in the gear that will fit them simply do not exist (YET! I am hoping things will change!). Yes, I find it fabulously irritating too that even those who make gear to fit our bodies (I am a size 26) do not show them on plus size bodies, but tend to use skinny women or photograph their wares floating in mid-air. It drives me crazy too. Forgive me! I did my best, and these products are still phenomenally useful and will fit many if not most of you larger moms. Can we suspend our annoyance for a sec and move on?

With that in mind, here are 7 types of gear you might find comes in handy when you’re pregnant/nursing/raising your child. See the slideshow at the end for specifics on brands and sizing, and know that you’re not the only plus-sized mom out there, and there are plenty of products made to suit your specific needs.

1. Baby carrier: Though just a few years ago bigger moms were out of luck if they wanted a non-wrap carrier, these days manufacturers like Ergobaby, Moby, Beco, Onya and BabyHawk make structured carriers that generally handle waist measurements up to 54 or 57 inches. See the slideshow for specific brands that plus-size parents particularly like.

2. Breastfeeding comfort: Many of the things average-sized moms use during breastfeeding will work just fine for you: Nipple shields, nipple cream, ice packs and the like. A few supportive helpers that plus-sized moms may appreciate are breast support pillows (to hold up your heavy jugs while baby is attached) and a hands-free pumping bra.

3. Maternity clothing: Back when I was pregnant a decade ago, big mamas were lucky to find a pair of basic jeans to fit them. Now manufacturers have responded to the swelling (get it?) numbers of curvy moms. Major retailers likeMotherhood Maternity, JC Penney and Old Navy have plus-sized sections on their sites (though the offerings still trend towards cheap fabrics and ugly prints), and plus-sized manufacturers like Simply Be are beginning to make their own, more stylish dresses, pants and tops.

4. Nursing/maternity bras: Again, you larger ladies of today are so lucky! A decade ago I had to special-order a 2X nursing bra the exact color of a Band-Aid. Hey-aaaa, try wearing a milk-stained one of those things all day long and then pouncing on your husband at night.

These days, your nursing udders can be contained in absolutely magical plus-sized numbers from Dita Von Teese, Cake Lingerie, and Hotmilk Lingerie, both of which have plus-sized sections of their site (we wish you could shop by size though — get on that!). If you’re willing to order from the UK, Bravissimo, which makes lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear for women with cup sizes D-L, has stunning nursing bras with cup sizes up to a J (but band sizes only up to 40, bummer).


By the way, some of the cute numbers I’ve put in the slideshow only go up to a 40 band size like the above bra, which is not enough for many supersized moms. Lots of lingerie companies make bra extenders that you hook on to give you a bigger band. I like Braza brand, which offers a wide style for the thunderous jugs of the multi-hooked, and gets you up to 3 extra inches (most bra extenders only go 2 inches).

5. Helpful reaching products: Never has access to your extremities been so restricted. Use reach-y things to make difficult tasks like putting on your shoes or shaving your legs simpler. The slideshow has exact brand recommendations.

6. Belly band/belly support: Bigger bellies may be heavier and more uncomfortable to carry around. Give your body some loving support with a belly band or another supportive undergarment.

7. Easy-fold stroller: Even at the best of times (i.e. when not pregnant or recovering from birth or a C-section), some larger moms have trouble doing a lot of bending and folding. Choose a stroller that folds via one pull on a seat strap and your problem is solved.

Vida Guerra’s topless lingerie photo introduces fans to ‘provocative’ side

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Vida Guerra is known to many of her fans for her gorgeous body, in particular her round booty. She is a model/actress who has been keeping busy making movies as she made Blood Shed in 2014 and in 2015 will be seen in “Mercy For Angels” and “American Justice”. 

However, it seems that the attractive and personable model/actress is intent on showing another side of her personality which has some fans and filmmakers very intrigued. She recently posted a throwback Thursday picture of herself ontoher social media Instagram page in which she poses in sexy lingerie (Instagram – January 15). The lingerie consists of leg stockings, black lace underwear and an intricate, sensual bra arrangement but the intriguing part of the outfit is that her breasts are uncovered and the only thing covering her nipples are two ‘pink’ pieces of tape. 
Her hair is let down and flows just over her breasts and above her head is the message “Normal Is Boring”. The picture highlights her potential as an model/actress who could play the femme fatale role in a movie and be a major scene stealer. Usually when one views photos of her they see an entertainer with a smile on her face but in this situation she looks very much like someone who knows she is sexy and is in control. 
The Cuban-American model shows in her lingerie t-shirt photo that she is anything but boring and as suggested by the entertainment publication “Hip Hop Wired” might be planning something ‘new’ for 2015 in terms of her career.
Vida Guerra is sparking the interest of fans new and old with her sensational modelling photo that show her ‘edgy’ side and as such is someone who could be emerge on the big screen in 2015 as a surprise femme fatale actress.

TOWIE’s Jasmin Walia takes her penchant for posing to a new extreme as she strips down to skimpy lingerie for sexy snap

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She’s never been one to shy away from flashing the flesh in racy attire.

And to prove it, Jasmin Walia served up yet another buxom display as she stripped down to her skimpy underwear.

Despite already being in toned shape, the TOWIE star took to her social media sites on Thursday to share a series of revealing snaps and announce her new fitness regime.

Scroll down for video

Flashing the flesh: Jasmin Walia took to her social media sites on Thursday to share a series of revealing snaps and announce her new fitness regime

Flashing the flesh: Jasmin Walia took to her social media sites on Thursday to share a series of revealing snaps and announce her new fitness regime

Posing seductively in nothing but a black bra and matching white knickers, she pulled her best pout while holding onto a selfie stick.

Racy! Posing seductively in nothing but a black bra and matching white knickers, the TOWIE star pulled her best pout while holding onto a selfie stick

Racy! Posing seductively in nothing but a black bra and matching white knickers, the TOWIE star pulled her best pout while holding onto a selfie stick

Jasmin Walia shows us how she keeps her shape

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old star – who is dating Ex On The Beach hunk Ross Worswick – proudly gave onlookers a peek of her incredible figure stepped out in London on Saturday evening.

Dressed in a plunging black crop top and mini skirt, Jasmin was seen making her way to the exclusive DSTRKT nightclub in London’s Soho for a night out with friends.

The Essex beauty has previously spoken out in the past about the tiresome pressures placed on young women like herself to look good.

Make way: The 23-year-old star, who is dating Ex On The Beach hunk Ross Worswick, proudly gave onlookers a peek of her incredible figure stepped out in London on Saturday

Make way: The 23-year-old star, who is dating Ex On The Beach hunk Ross Worswick, proudly gave onlookers a peek of her incredible figure stepped out in London on Saturday

Late night party! Dressed in a plunging black crop top and mini skirt, Jasmin was seen making her way to the exclusive DSTRKT nightclub in London's Soho  with some close friends

Late night party! Dressed in a plunging black crop top and mini skirt, Jasmin was seen making her way to the exclusive DSTRKT nightclub in London’s Soho with some close friends

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: ‘Pressures to look a certain way is such a big problem. Obviously in Essex, girls must always be really glamorous, and then they go on to get plastic surgery.

‘Personally for me, I think natural is far better. It’s sad to think people out there feel the need to change just to fit in.’

‘Everyone should feel accepted, just being how they are. Everyone is beautiful within themselves. Beside, personality is the most important thing, not the looks.’

'I think natural is far better': The Essex beauty has previously spoken out in the past about the tiresome pressures placed on young women like herself to look good

‘I think natural is far better': The Essex beauty has previously spoken out in the past about the tiresome pressures placed on young women like herself to look good.

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